Collective Rentals was born from the minds of design professionals who simply want to create divine environments. Let us tell you about our unique approach to the design and specialty rental business and how we can collaborate as we constantly evolve with the times.


Collective Rentals is a Black Owned and Female Owned rental company in Los Angeles that is a collaboration between your unique vibe and our diverse design experience. We are interior designers, furniture designers and event professionals drawn to this industry by magnetic pull. You have the vision and talent to create stunning events, photo shoots and films. We have the product + spirit to make that happen. That’s Collective.



You can expect enthusiasm and professionalism from top to bottom. We know the event industry can be hectic but we are in this together to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. This means on-time deliveries, prompt responses and problems resolved. We aim for unparalleled customer service because without you, there is no Collective. We are excited to be here and cannot wait to collaborate.


We were born and raised in Southern California and followed our hearts to Paris, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Marrakesh and then followed our hearts right back home. We swear by European clean lines and European classics. We are moved by the exotic soul of Africa, Indonesia and Brazil. And in the same spirit, we firmly stand by 20th Century American Design. Collective is a fresh perspective with an old soul.


Meet the Owner and Creative director | Lauren montgomery

Lauren comes from the Interior Design world and is breathing new life into the furniture rental industry one unique perspective at a time. Her background in furniture and product design means Collective will be the leader in exclusive pieces created in-house by a stellar design team.


Born and raised in Southern California with Southern roots from New Orleans and Mississippi, this world traveler adores people and collaboration with creatives of all genres.

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