We Are Collective.

What happens when a handful of interior designers, furniture designers and event professionals combine forces, cut corporate ties, and follow their truest passion? Collective Rental Design House is lovingly formed.

There is nothing we love more than a celebration or space or documenting a moment in time in the name of creativity. Often times the things we love to do regardless of money or accolade is the thing we should pursue, and for the head designers at Collective that is exactly the goal.

Our dream is that this rental and design house remains an expression of creativity and evolution. It’s difficult to put a name on the aesthetic because it’s easy to defy categories. You could call it modern. You could call it worldly. We have a few beautiful vintage pieces. But more than anything we want to showcase pieces and design from a neoteric point of view. A little bit fresh, a little bit unexpected, rooted in a sense of travel and culture.


We love evolving. You will not see the same exact pieces two years from now because by then our creative minds may be searching for the next move. Also, we want to give you design professionals and Creatives out there a strong voice within that movement. What are YOU dreaming up for next season? How can we shake the confines of the typical and bring a vision to life that is unique and our own? We are all about collaboration on a major scale. We do not chase trends, we want to work with inspiring people such as yourself and create them.

This company is full of passion. This is what we love. We cannot be more excited to be a part of your creations.